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IMS Industrial Sewing Machines

Typical GC0303D Walking Foot

Typical GC0303D Walking Foot

Typical GC0303D

The GC0303D is the new Direct Drive flat-bed walking Foot industrial sewing machine from Typical and is the replacement model for the popular GC-0303.

The new Direct Drive motor which is completely silent, allows the speed of the machine to be easily changed from the touch screen and also has Needle UP and Needle DOWN automatic positioning included.

There is no longer any need for the operator to use the handwheel to lower or raise the needle.

The GC-0303D features a Top Feed Walking Foot system, with an alternating foot lift mechanism that is suitable to sew medium-heavy weight materials such as horse rugs, denim, synthetics, canvas, Plastics, webbing, upholstery, tarpaulins etc.

The balanced sewing machine head has automatic lubrication to reduce wear & tear, resulting in improved durability, lower noise , smoother running and minimal maintenance costs.

The fitting of a large hook & bobbin as standard, reduces the number of bobbin changes and helps when using the thicker threads associated with heavier than normal materials. A large stitch length is available up to 8mm.

Needle sizes for the Typical GC0303 can range from size 100 up-to the extra thick size 160.


The GC0303D is supplied fully assembled and tested complete on table and stand.

$1690 plus gst


Prices shown are subject to change and include local Sydney delivery.

Freight costs for country or interstate delivery are available on request.

For more information on this or any of our product range please call us on:1300 831 336 or 02 9569 0077





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