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TONY H-305-LH Long and high Arm Walking foot zig zag

TONY H-305-LH Long and high Arm Walking foot zig zag


Tony H-305-LH Long and high arm, zigzag sewing machine, for the small workshop. This is a walking foot machine.

The H-305-LH is a full size, rotary machine that features a large hook and bobbin mechanism to reduce the frequency of bobbin winding and allow for the use of heavy thread.

It sews a 5mm long straight stitch and a 10 mm wide zigzag stitch. Maximum sewing speed is 2,800 stitches per minute. It has reversing capability.

Use the H-305-LH for heavy and thick fabrics and for other plastics and leather materials . It is an excellent choice for everything from spinnakers to 10oz storm sails.


  • Shuttle: full rotary, gear driven
  • Maximum sewing speed per min: 2,800 stitches
  • Max. straight stitch length: 5mm
  • Max. zigzag width: 10mm (see options below for 3 step / 6 point)
  • Needle System: 135x17, sizes 90 - 130 
  • Underarm space: 152 x 520mm
  • Presser foot lift: hand lever 8.2mm / knee controlled 8.2mm 

    Popular Options:

  • H=305-LH-4 with cam for sewing 3 step / 6 point zigzag
  • A puller feed can be fitted to help feed large and bulky materials through the machine.
  • 1/2 foot, to sew close to ropes and zips - where the right or left side of the foot is removed
  • Binder and folder attachments
  • Light

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