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STIROVAP 603 Vacuum Table with Suspension System

STIROVAP 603 Vacuum Table with Suspension System

Stirovap Model 603 Vacuum Table with Suspension Systen

Imported directly from Italy , the Stirovap 603 is a high quality commercial grade vacuum table which is ideal for laundries, pressing services and dressmaking shops. The 603 speeds up ironing time due to its powerful suction which keeps the article dry while pressing, reducing ironing time considerably.

The overhead suspension system takes the weight off the iron and allows the iron to "float" over the surface of the board.  This helps reduce operator fatigue and improves production. The flourescent overhead light also helps by improving visibility of the items being pressed.

The main board and sleeve arm are both heated electrically and temperature is regulated by a thermostat.  Suction is available on both the main board and the sleeve arm.

The Stirovap 603 with suspension system is an ideal solution to reduce ironing time and effort. The high quality of construction and use of the best materials results in a product which will give excellent service for many years.

Model  603 with Suspension System

Board Heating 800W

Vacuum Motor 0.75KW

Sleeve Heating 0.35KW

Weight 54KG

Dimension 130 W x 46 D x 195 H

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