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Imported directly from Italy the newly designed Lunik steam boiler with professional iron is based on new technical concepts aimed at increasing ironing speed and quality for both for the professional and home appliance markets.

The 800w steam iron allows for top quality ironing by utilising the steam produced in the 2 litre stainless steel boiler.  The Lunik has an adjustable flow solenoid which allows for exact control of the output steam.  When fitted with the TEFLON ironing shoe (optional) the iron can be used on most types of fabric at a single temperature.

To improve reliability the heating element is fitted to the outside of the boiler and is not subject to thermal shocks because it does not come into direct contact with the water.  It can heat water quickly and with minimum loss of heat to an operating pressure of around 3 bar.

Safety features include a boiler safety valve cap which will slowly release the steam in the event of overpressure as well as a safety thermostat to protect the heating elements in case of lack of water and to protect the boiler overheating.  The iron also has a safety thermostat so as to avoid overheating due to failure of the operating thermostat.

The New Lunik is an ideal solution to reduce ironing time and effort and is especially suitable for home use, bridal shops, tailors, hotels, alterations shops etc. 

The simplicity of construction, and use of the best materials, results in a product which will give excellent service for many years.

2 Litre Stainless steel boiler capacity.

Up to 2.5 hrs operation without refill.

Weight 8 Kg.

Dimensions cm H23 x W22 x D35

220 Volt power supply.

1200 watt stainless steel boiler element.

800 watt Iron.

3 bar operating pressure 

IMS Sewing Machines stock a complete range of parts for the MB Lunik and Stirvap range.

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