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JUKI MB-1373 Buttonsewer

JUKI MB-1373 Buttonsewer

Juki MB-1373 Button sewer

The Juki range of buttonsewers are the most popular in the clothing industry due to their quality and reliability.

The single-thread, chainstitch, button sewing machine, which is frequently used for sewing buttons on men's wear and blouses under different sewing conditions, has been redesigned with its capabilities upgraded.

Features -

Fast machine cycle sewing.

The machine sews buttons with an optimum number of stitches; 8, 16 or 32, according to the sewing conditions.

The MB-1373 is supplied fully assembled and tested complete on table,stand and motor


Model name MB-1373  
Max. sewing speed 1,500sti/min
Number of stitches 8, 16, and 32 stitches
Feed length (crosswise feed) 2.5~6.5mm
Feed length (lengthwise feed) 0~6.5mm  
Stitching shape
Applicable button Shank button, Wrapped-around button, Snap,
Label, Metal button, Stay button
(exclusive attachments have to be used)
Button size φ10~28mm (thickness of button: 1.8~3.5mm)
Needle TQ×1 (#16) #14~20


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