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BROTHER HE-800A Electronic Buttonhole

BROTHER HE-800A Electronic Buttonhole

Brother HE-800A Industrial Electronic Lockstitch Buttonholer suitable for a variety of products and materials. This model offers a wide range of buttonhole styles, each selectable by the press of a button. Being electronically controlled, the machine has less moving parts, therefore is a very quiet and smooth machine during operation.

• 21 built-in sewing patterns. Original pattern sewing also supported

• Presser foot height can be set as desired. It enables positioning of material easily and accurate
• Quick and accurate cutting driven by a double position solenoid
• By using PD-8000 Programmer, sewing pattern creation and data copy with machines are easily made
• For woven articles / knitted articles
• Cutter length: 4-32 mm
• Max. sewing width: 6 mm
• Max. button hole length: 40 mm
• Height of presser foot: 13 mm
• Max. sewing speed: 4,000 rpm
• Thread trimmer equipped as standard

The Brother HE-800A provides a wider variety of sewing patterns

Sewing patterns made by setting details with basic patterns, can be stored up to the limit of 90 patterns.
The selection and resizing of the sewing patterns can be made on the operation panel. Furthermore, up to nine original sewing patterns created with the sewing data programming software (optional product) can be added.

21 basic patterns are provided. Original sewing patterns can be added.

Adjustable presser foot lifter height makes insertion and removal of the material easier.

Quick and accurate double position cutter operation.

Easy positioning

The presser foot lifter on the Brother HE-800A is driven by a pulse motor, so that the height can be adjusted as desired (standard function) for when the pedal is at the neutral position and when it is depressed forward (two stages) and backward. This makes insertion and removal of the material easier and reduces working fatigue.

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